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Cogitation is the action of thinking deeply about something; to contemplate.

Welcome to the website for Cogitations.

In keeping with the definition above, Cogitations strives to provide content across multiple platforms and mediums that stimulate deep thought and contemplation on spiritually centric topics. Currently this content is in the form of a radio program, column in an online newspaper, and a YouTube channel.

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The cog reminds us to turn the gears of our minds.
The cross reminds us to contemplate spiritual things.

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About Your Host

Who is this guy?

Carl Hartman has served as a minister since 1994 at congregations across the United States in an array of ministerial positions. In addition, he possesses over 21 years of military experience spread across the United States Navy, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard. Over the course of his military service Carl has journeyed to many parts of the world and has gain a plethora of real-world experience. He achieved a BA in Biblical Studies from Heritage Christian University and a Master of Education in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University. Additionally, he has accumulated an assortment of course work in various disciplines as well as several certifications. Beyond the bounds of formal education, he has pursued extensive self-study as a rouge scholar.

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